Background: What’s a Touhou?

So you’re probably here because of some class and have no idea what Touhou is, why I’m making you read about it, or how to pronounce it. Well, in order:

  • A series of 2D shoot-em-up “bullet hell” games about poorly drawn girls shooting lots of colorful energy balls at each other, made by a drunken Japanese guy.
  • Because I think it’s fun and interesting and I want you to think it’s fun and interesting too.
  • “Tōhō”.

I could try to illustrate the gameplay through words, but fortunately I don’t have to. Here’s a video showing Stage 4 of TH08 Imperishable Night.

(Note that this is not my gameplay, this is just a random video. I might go through later and upload my own examples.)

Beyond the games, there are also official print works and more. I’ll talk about those and more about the games later; this is just a basic intro post to make sure you have some idea what I’m talking about.

2 thoughts on “Background: What’s a Touhou?

  1. Interesting topic I learned what touhou, and also how it ties into sustainability. I like the layout of the blog it is clean, simple, yet informative. maybe more pictures, I understand its a work in progress


  2. From this introduction I get a sense that we are just going to be talking about video games, and although there is nothing wrong with video games, I don’t quite see how you’re connecting it to sustainability. Definitely an interesting topic however.


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