A Very Special Episode

So why have you been talking about all this [Touhou|sustainability] stuff, anyway?

If you’re here from Touhou stuff, you’re probably wondering why I’ve been comparing all this Touhou stuff to environmental issues. Well, that’s because I started this blog for a class in which we were supposed to blog about sustainability, and I did this instead.

If you’re here from that class, you’re probably wondering why I’ve been talking about some game you’ve never heard of instead of pure sustainability. Well, that’s what this post is about.

A lot of people wouldn’t normally read a blog about sustainability. It’s a topic that people have seen before, and are likely to back out after seeing a big wall of text about being green. But they’ll at least be reminded that it’s a thing, and maybe that’ll prompt them to be slightly more environmentally conscious in the near future – throwing that can in the recycling instead of the garbage, picking up that plastic bag that blows past their car, not throwing their goddamn cigarettes out the window.

But for the most part, even if someone reads through a whole blog about sustainability, they probably won’t change their habits of awareness in the long run. They’ll recycle more and such for a while, maybe they’ll even get a more efficient car or something, but eventually it’ll pass from their thoughts. So instead of a blog about sustainability nobody will read, I decided to make a blog about Touhou nobody will read. Self-deprecation aside, what I’m trying to do is encourage readers to form a habit of awareness.

What are you telling me to do, exactly?

You know how I’ve been pointing out sustainability-related messages that probably weren’t intended in a work of fiction that I like? You should do that too. Whenever you’re reading something, playing a game, watching a movie, or whatever, make a point of noticing possible environmental messages. Once you’ve been doing it for a while, it’ll become a habit, and you’ll find yourself automatically thinking “those White Walkers sure do represent the growing problem of carbon dioxide emissions”. I’m like 80% sure that particular example doesn’t actually make sense (I’ve never actually read Game of Thrones) but you get the idea – and if not, you’ve got a whole blog full of examples right here.

What’ll that accomplish?

Well, nothing directly. But it’ll get you in the habit of thinking about environmental issues. And that‘ll get you being generally more conscious of what you can do to be more sustainable. And that’ll lead to you picking up a few plastic bags you might have otherwise ignored, or something like that.

And if you can get your friends to start noticing such messages as well, it’ll get them thinking about it more as well. If you just went “hey Bob, you should recycle more,” Bob will just go “yeah, I know, whatever.” But if you go “hey Bob, what if the world in that movie we just watched was so fucked because the dolphins wanted revenge after we polluted their homes,” that would help indoctrinate Bob into your new enviro-cult by prompting him to eventually start proposing similar absurd scenarios, while still seeming like a perfectly normal line of conversation.

…What? That’s how normal conversations go, right? Maybe I just have weird conversations.

1404865191949Alternatively, if for some reason you’d rather your friends not think you’re insane, you could just make them read my blog. …Who am I kidding, you’re not gonna do that, you’re not even gonna keep reading it once you’re not forced to by a class. Well that’s fine, I’ll just find new readers, readers who actually like Touhou, and then you’ll be sorry. Hmph.

Anyway, start forming this habit now. It could be the last tiny factor that prevents the rise of the dolphin overlords.


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